What You Need To Know About Light To Sleep Better

This article may contain some of the most important information that you need in order to keep your sleep and overall health in check.

There is a great force at play in our lives that provides us and every organism on earth with energy, light and heat.

What am I talking about?

Walk outside, take your sunglasses off and look up – this miracle is the sun.

Seeing as we humans are essentially solar-powered creations, it’s time for a greater understanding of the role that the sun, and specifically the light that it provides, plays in a good night’s kip..

Lighting the Way

Light is known as our master ‘zeitgeber’ (this is a German word that translates as ‘time giver’).

Zeitgebers are environmental cues that control our body’s sleep & wake cycle (also known as our circadian rhythm).

While there are several environmental cues that impact our daily rhythms, light has by far the greatest influence on our sleep quality and quantity over...

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