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Why should you prioritise having a well-rested workforce?

A substantial body of research shows that sleep is a critical component of employee well-being and an integrative part of every company’s bottom line.

In our 21st century, globalised fast-paced, high-stakes “always on” culture, demands on the workforce increasingly stretch employees’ boundaries. Something has to give, and usually, that something is the quality and quantity of employees sleep.

How your people sleep directly impacts on their performance and productivity in the workplace, as well as their health, happiness and overall well-being.

Research shows that poor sleep quality has clear links to poor mental and physical health and increased risk for adverse performance, however, it’s not just about considering what is lost, but also what might be missed out on by employees not getting enough high-quality sleep.

Despite the fact that a lot of time, attention and financial resources are spent on up-skilling the workforce, many organisations overlook one of the most powerful ways to gain a competitive advantage - by providing the necessary education and training that allows their workforce to rest well.

Ultimately, having a sleep-deprived workforce undermines productivity and presents a huge missed opportunity for organisational performance and innovation - facts that provide companies with a competitive edge and the ability to disrupt the market.

What impact is sleep deprivation having on your employees?

Studies conducted by Aviva (2017) and The Direct Line (2021) show that between 68-71% of UK adults are deprived of sleep (defined as not getting the recommended 7-9 hours a night).

The science tells us that sleep deprivation and its associated fatigue result in…

Cognitive impairments - ability to concentrate, learn, retain and process information Is greatly diminished (Walker 2017)

Poor leadership - (Harvard 2016)

Poor judgment and compromised ecision-making - individuals are more likely to carry out unethical behaviour (Budnick et al. 2016)

Emotional instability - linked to interpersonal conflict and increased risk for individuals suffering poor mental health and burnout (Pilcher et al. 2020)

Absenteeism - higher rates of illness (Philip et al. 2001)

Presentseeism - lower levels of engagement and productivity whilst at work (Gingerich et al. 2018)

Errors and accidents - increase need for reworking due to errors, more workplace accidents and injuries (Pilcher et al. 2020)

Chronic health issues - key contributor to long term health issues including pain, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, dementia and Alzheimers’ disease (Leggett et al. 2017)

We provide curated B2B sleep solutions built on science-backed education, tools and products, designed to address an organisation’s needs, goals and budget.

Through a unique combination of consulting expertise, interactive and engaging training workshops, a contemporary evidence-based online learning programme, peer support, coaching and physical tools for improving sleep, we’re able to help organisations and their employees improve performance and productivity, whilst reducing the health risk and bottom line costs associated with sleep deprived and fatigue.


Case Study

“Agilsys is committed to improving the well-being of its employees and supporting them to experience the best quality of life possible.

As part of our well-being strategy, we partnered with Sleep Better Live Better to explore the benefits that better sleep could bring to the workforce. We ran a programme across employees, partners and dependents involving the delivery of sleep education, ongoing professional sleep support and the provision of blue light blocking glasses.

What resulted was an exciting voyage of discovery and sleep improvement for all of us involved. The feedback from our participants was overwhelmingly positive with many reporting breakthroughs in sleep duration and quality, as well as improvements in daytime alertness and overall well-being.

Data from the questionnaires that were gathered matched participants feedback, with overall pre and post programme sleep scores improving on average by 44%. We are excited to be able to continue to work with, support and encourage Daniel in his mission to make better sleep accessible to all.”

- Richard Hanrahan (prior CEO of Agilisys Guernsey)

Case Study

"At Healthspan, we’re serious about employee health and wellness and often explore non-traditional approaches for our employee initiatives.

We partnered up with Daniel to roll out the Sleep Better Live Better Programme for an employee health group. This helped to educate employees on the importance of good quality sleep hygiene and how to make adjustments in order to improve how they feel.

Based on the positive feedback received from the group and individuals who had one-to-one coaching with Daniel, we’ve planned to work with him again to build upon this valued partnership. It’s incredible how the knowledge that Dan shared helped to make such a difference to the mindset, sleep and overall health and performance of our employees.”

- Tammy Lodge (prior Head of HR at Healthspan Limited)

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