Our Why

We believe everybody should be able to access practical, research-based advice, information and products that can help us to improve the way that we sleep, meaning we can feel our best and get the most out of every day of our lives.

We're working hard to deliver truly impactful sleep solutions that can unlock the enormous pool of untapped human potential that results from being well-rested.

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Join our "Sleeping For Success" Masterclass

Our founder Daniel White is hosting a free sleep masterclass at 6 PM (UK time) on Wednesday 13th December (repeated on Wednesday 10th January) for anyone who wants access to more energy, mental clarity and enjoyment in their day-to-day life.

The masterclass will explore:

✅ Why sleep is your hidden superpower
✅ The hidden costs of sleep deprivation
✅ How and why you should optimise your sleep
✅ A clear learning path to achieving deeper sleep
✅ What a fully rested high performing person is capable of
✅ Q&A session with Daniel


Relaunching in January 2024

Do you wish you had access to more energy, mental clarity and enjoyment in your day-to-day life?

Never underestimate the power of deeper sleep in helping you become making you smarter, wiser and more energetic in how you approach both your career and personal life.

Taking part in our next 4 week semi-private sleep optimisation programme will leave you with more energy, a sharper mind and a higher motivational drive to pursue the things that matter to you both personally and professionally.

We're so confident of what our programme will do for you that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee and free 1-1 consultancy if your sleep doesn't improve in 28 days.