Deep Sleep Red Bulb (No Blue Light)

Deep Sleep Red Bulb (No Blue Light)

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Achieve your full sleep potential

Using blue light blocking glasses to prevent blue light from entering your eyes only solves half of the problem because your skin is also sensitive to blue light which causes disruptions to your sleep and circadian rhythms after sunset.

Conventional LED lighting in most modern home environments is very high in blue spectrum light. Exposure to this type of light tricks your brain into believing that it is still daytime. This leads you to feel wired and alert, making it more difficult to wind down at night and achieve high-quality sleep.

Our Deep Sleep Red Bulb contains 0% blue and green light. It also gives off zero flicker and is low EMF. 

Our Deep Sleep Red Bulb is the best choice of lighting to use in your bedrooms, bathrooms or anywhere that you spend time in the hours before bed. By mimicking the type of light given off by a natural deep-orange to red sunset, this bulb is capable of triggering your brain in a way that helps you to calm down and prepare for sleep. 

Research has shown that it is not only blue light but also green light that has an impact on the production of our sleep hormone melatonin and our overall sleep quality. If you are serious about your sleep, you need to remove all blue and green light in the hours leading up to bed so that your brain can produce as much melatonin as possible. 

What's the difference between our Deep Sleep Red Bulb and our Sweet Dreams Amber Bulb?

Our Deep Sleep Red Bulb also removes all green light as well as blue. Due to the fact that green light can also disrupt melatonin production (although to a lesser extent than blue light), our red bulb is the most powerful for improving your sleep quality.

Although these bulbs are darker, they still provide more than enough light to carry out general activities before bedtime. If you're serious about getting the best quality sleep possible, our Deep Sleep Red Bulb is for you.

Our Sweet Dreams Amber Bulb was developed as a more general-purpose bulb for use throughout your home environment. They're the perfect replacement for regular 40w and 60w LED bulbs that contain large amounts of harmful blue light which damages your health and disrupts your sleep. If you want nice, warm, relaxing lighting throughout your home that supports your sleep and protects you against harmful blue light, our Sweet Dreams Amber Bulb is for you.



  • Colour temperature: 1000 K
  • Peak Wavelength: 660nm
  • Wavelengths blocked: 100% between 380nm and 580nm
  • Colour rendering index: >0.80
  • Brightness: 600-700lm
  • Input voltage: 85-265 volts
  • Power: 7 Watts
  • Certifications: SAA/C-tick/EMC/CE