Kids Transparent Frame Daytime Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Kids Transparent Frame Daytime Blue Light Blocking Glasses

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Children need protection from blue light too. Our daytime lenses are the most effective tool for protecting their eyes and health from harmful exposure to blue light from modern lighting and technology devices.

Kid's eyes are over 100% more sensitive to blue light than adults because their eyes aren’t fully developed. Overexposure to artificial blue light from modern technology devices can damage children’s eyesight, destroy their sleep and disrupting their learning and behaviour.

With our daytime lenses, your kids can have the best opportunity to protect their health and thrive throughout their development. 

Wearing a pair of our day lenses will: 

How to Use Our Day Lenses

For best results, our daytime lenses should be worn any time that kids are exposed to artificial light during the day, particularly at work or school when spending time under bright LED lighting or in front of modern screen devices. Children should not wear their daytime lenses during the daytime when outdoors as this is when their brain requires exposure to natural blue light from the sun.


  • 129mm (12.9 cm) arm to arm (recommended for kids aged 4-10 years old)