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Blue light blocking glasses backed by science

Stay protected day and night from harmful artificial light. Our glasses elevate brain function, increase energy, reduce eye strain and supercharge your sleep.

Kids need protection too

Children's eyes are 100% more sensitive to artificial blue light. Give your kids the best chance to succeed and excel in life by protecting their sleep and health.

Better sleep - as simple as changing a light bulb

Eliminate the biggest sources of harmful artificial blue light by using our sleep-friendly light bulbs and other healthy home lighting solutions.

Read about the experiences of our users

"Before using these glasses my 9-year-old son struggled with tech use and switching his brain off at night. Since wearing the night glasses my son is calmer and more able to leave technology alone to wind down nicely into the evening. As a family, we all decided to start wearing them to assist with our sleep and we’ve noticing that we wake up feeling more well-rested."

"When I headed back into the office after lockdown I noticed my eyes feeling fatigued and tired. Since I started wearing the day glasses I’ve experienced a huge difference. My eyes no longer feel achy and irritated. This can only be due to the glasses because I haven’t changed anything else. I feel more alert, less tired and I don’t leave working thinking that I need to go to bed."

"Since wearing the day glasses I feel like I’m experiencing less head stress when using computers at work. I’ve had no headaches or eye strain at the end of the day when I would normally feel it. This has helped me with after-work activities because I’m not feeling irritated as a result of having a headache, and I don’t feel the need to take my contacts out to rest my eyes at the end of the day."

"As a website designer I tend to work on screens all day long and often late into the evenings. This effects my sleep quality, mood, energy and focus. The day and night blue light blocking glasses have been my saving grace! My sleep and productivity levels have massively improved since wearing them and my headaches and eye-strain have disappeared."

"I went through a period of really poor sleep and did everything I could to try and get it back on track. Your night glasses have made SUCH a difference. They help me to fall asleep so much quicker. Within minutes of putting them on my eyes feel so much more relaxed. I'm falling asleep quicker and easier and staying asleep all night long."

"Before using the night glasses I was struggling to switch off in the evening. I use my laptop a lot at night as well as watching TV. When I wear the glasses I notice a huge difference in my ability to get to sleep and overall sleep quality. When I don’t wear the glasses, my brain is still ticking away at bedtime and I always feel groggy the next morning."